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10 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Pet Sitter

1. Why do you like being a pet sitter?

Asking open ended questions will allow for a better flow of conversation and display the sitter's personality.

2. What services do you provide?

Be sure you sitter can provide the services you need and know the fees associated with each service up front. Ask if there are any additional fees, particularly for any unforeseen circumstances, like a trip to the grocery store if you run out of dog food or cat litter.

3. Do you have a contract?

Professional sitters should have a contract and the contract should be kept on file. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly and ask questions before signing.

4. What previous experiences do you have?

Make sure that your sitter is comfortable with the type of pets that you have. Also, find our how long the sitter has been in business.

5. What training have you received?

Pet sitters can be certified in Pet CPR and Pet First Aid. Some sitters may have worked as a veterinary technician or assistant. They also can belong to pet sitting organizations or associations.

6. Can you provide references?

A qualified pet sitter should not hesitate to provide references and you should feel free to contact them if you wish.

7. Are you bonded and insured?

Sitters are able to obtain insurance and become bonded to protect them and their clients.

8. Do you have a backup plan if you can not make it to a visit?

Often times a sitter will have an alternate if they have a medical emergency and can not make it to your house. Make sure you know the qualifications of the sitter's alternate.

9. How do you handle emergency situations?

Be sure you and your sitter have a plan in case your pet has a medical emergency or if your house becomes unsafe to be occupied. ( i.e. a tree has fallen on the roof from a storm or the water main breaks and floods the house.)

10. Will you play with my pet?

You and your sitter should establish the type of care based on your pet as an individual. If your dog likes to play fetch rather than going on long walks, then be sure that visits are tailored to your pet's needs.

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