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We provide quality in-home pet sitting services with one flat fee regardless of multiple pets. Medications are given at no additional charge. We strive to keep your pet's routine as normal as possible. Standard visits last approximately 20 to 30 minutes. We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards through PayPal. 

In Home Services Include:
  • Provide fresh food and water

  • Wash bowls

  • Clean/Change litter box

  • Playtime/Walks

  • Medications (if needed)

  • Daily updates via e-mail or text message

  • Any complimentary service 


Complimentary Services Include:
  • Bring in mail/newspapers/packages

  • Water indoor plants

  • Take out garbage

  • Refill bird feeders

  • Alternate blinds/lights

  • Feed fish or small caged animals

  • Alternate television/radio


Additional Services:

Inquire about rates for light house-keeping and yard poop-scooping. Also available for dog walking/exercising services,nail trims, deshedding with furminator tools. Need help following your vet's instructions to medicate your pet? Our vet tech can help you administer your pet's medications. 


Emergency Care

In case of your pet needing medical attention while in our care, he/she will be taken to your primary veterinarian or your preferred emergency veterinary hospital if after hours. 


Service Fees:
One Daily Visit

$25 per visit

Two Daily Visits

$25 per visit

Three Daily Visits

$28 per visit

Additional Time
Visits can be extended for an additional $5 per 15-minute increment.
If services cannot be completed within the standard 30-minute time interval then an extended visit time will be required. Details will be discussed during a consultation to determine the length of time needed for pet care. Multiple pet households or special needs pets typically need longer visits.  
Farm-sitting and Overnights

Inquire for a quote on farm-sitting and overnight stays.

(Limited availability)

Meet and Greet

In-house consultation to meet your pet(s) is complimentary. This gives us a chance to get acquainted with your pet and your pet's routine, complete paperwork, pick up keys, and finalize details of services. We will also make arrangements to return your keys upon your return home.


Getting Started...


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